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Yoga for Tired Legs & Feet

Today’s practice is all about tending to our tired (and may even sore) legs and feet!

Do you find that your legs and feet feel tired after a long day of standing and walking around? If you do, then this practice is for you!
This practice is even for those who sit for a good portion of the day. The movements in this class will help bring some energy to your tired legs and feet by encouraging the blood to move around more freely.
Finally, this practice is wonderful following a workout, walk or run.

Our practice today offers a gentle and supportive stretch to our legs and feet. This includes our hamstrings, calves, quads, hips and the soles of our feet!
We stay nice and low to the ground - no standing in this practice! We will hold the postures a little bit longer in order to explore the pose, and also to give our muscles a chance to soften and relax.

Please bring a blanket and a yoga strap (if you don’t have a strap, bring a towel or a belt). If these items are not available, it’s all good! I will provide suggestions as we flow!

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