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Yoga for the Feet | Stretches & Strengthening Exercises for Happy Feet!

Today’s yoga practice is all about sending love to our precious feet!

We start this practice off with a gentle foot massage as a warm-up and to wake up our feet. We spend some time mindfully stretching and strengthening our feet through various exercises. We even do a little “toega” (yoga for the toes)!

This practice is FANTASTIC for those who work on their feet for a good portion of the day. This class is great for those who experience sore, stiff and achy feet, as well as for plantar fasciitis relief.

***Required Item:
Most of this practice will be done in a chair, so bring one with ya! You can also do this on a couch!

Optional Items:
Tennis ball and blanket

Favorite this video and return to it often for some foot TLC! Since it is all connected, the legs will receive some love as well.

I hope that this practice leaves your feet feeling nice and happy!

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