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Yoga for Self Love - Full Body Yoga

Join Yoga with Rachel for a Self Love Full Body Yoga Flow.

Self love is about taking care of YOU. It is tending to your own needs and your well-being.

Before adopting a regular yoga practice, I used to think that self love was selfish. I always felt that I needed to be the one giving and showing my love to others. I always felt the inclination to take care of others before seeing to my needs and desires.

Perhaps you are nodding your head because you can resonate with this.

Well...self love is the furthest thing from a selfish act. It is vital to take care of yourself. To show yourself love. To fill your cup.

So, how do you accomplish this?!

Perhaps you devote a few hours each week for yoga. Perhaps you carve out time for an activity that you enjoy, such as reading, tending to your garden, going for a hike. Maybe this means booking an appointment for a massage. This could even mean quiet time away from everyone and everything. To have some YOU time.

Demonstrating love towards yourself may feel a little weird at first, especially if you are not used to it. But let me tell ya, it can feel SO AMAZING when you spend time doing something that you love.

You may notice that a shift takes place within. Perhaps you feel as if you have more energy. You may engage in more positive self-talk. You may feel more joyful and light.

Those in your life may begin to notice and feel this shift too.

So today, I invite you to come to this practice with an open mind and heart.

Thank yourself for making time for you.

And remember, you are worthy of love. You are love.

See you on the mat!

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