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Yoga For New Beginnings

Yoga for New Beginnings! Whatever your new beginning is, it is my hope that this yoga class supports your mind, body and soul.

This practice can speak to each of us differently, as each journey is unique.

Some consider new beginnings as rebirth, renewal, a fresh start.

New beginnings could also mean letting go of something that doesn’t serve you well in the present moment, so that way you can make space for that which serves.

New beginnings can be exciting, full of endless possibilities.

New beginnings can also be quite scary due to uncertainty or the unknowns that you might face.

I invite you to take a moment to consider how you feel about your new beginning.

Observe your thoughts and feelings, without passing judgement, taking on the role of observer.

This yoga practice is designed to offer you loving support as you embark upon your new beginning, your new venture, your fresh start.

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