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Yoga For Neck And Shoulders | Yoga To Release Tension

Release tension with this Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders class!

These simple, yet effective stretches are designed to help you get relief from tension in the neck muscles, shoulders and the upper back body.

This quick sequence is intended to help your neck and shoulders move with greater ease. Freedom in movement is such a beautiful thing!

Tension can occur in the neck and shoulders for a number of reasons. It could be due to poor posture habits, how you sleep, stress, teeth clenching/grinding, repetitive neck movements, carrying a bag that is too heavy, and so forth.

Knowing the cause of the tension can be useful!

Bringing awareness to the patterns developed in your body can serve you well as you combat tension. For example, I sometimes catch myself working at the computer with forward head posture and rounded shoulders. This tends to lead to tightness, tension and pain. When I catch myself doing this, I stand up, check in with my posture and engage in some gentle movements.

It is also important to note that these stretches are useful for when you have a tension headache and/or for preventative care.

Let’s show the neck and shoulders some TLC with this gentle yoga sequence intended to help you release tension.

Let’s say “bye” to tension, and “hello” to feeling oh so good!

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