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Yoga for Heart and Hips

Yoga for HEART and HIPS!

You may have heard that the heart and hips store emotions. There’s a connection between the hips and heart in relation to how we feel.

With this in mind, this class includes heart and hip opening postures designed to help us release trapped and unwanted emotions. Heart and hip openers help us be open to receive what serves. This will look and feel different for everyone.

In relation to the physical body, heart openers offer a fantastic stretch to the chest and encourages movement in our spine, especially the thoracic spine.

Hip openers are great for tight and stiff hips. Hip tightness can be related to sitting for long periods of time. Our hip flexors tighten, while the glute muscles weaken. This can impact how we move both on and off of our mats.

To summarize, this class is amazing for those looking for an emotional release and/or for those looking to stretch and strengthen the heart and hips!

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