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Yoga For Gardeners

Yoga For Gardeners 🌱 Although this class is titled, “Yoga For Gardeners,” this class is for EVERYONE!

In this 30 minute yoga flow, we tend to the whole body. We engage in stretches that can help soothe sore muscles. The stretches and yoga postures in today’s class can help release stored tension, creating more space in the physical body.

Today’s class can help improve mobility throughout your entire body, so that way you can tend to your garden (actual or metaphorical) with more ease.

We spend some time on our mats reflecting upon the word “nourishment,” and what it means to nourish our garden. We then consider how we are like plants. What can we do to nourish the mind and body? And of course, our answers can be similar or they may differ. As always, I invite you to consider these questions as we flow today.

Please note that you can do this class before heading out to your garden or afterwards. This practice is also great to do if you’ve been standing for extended periods of time. Your legs and feet will thank you!

It is my hope that you enjoy today’s class!

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