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Yoga for Creativity

Yoga for Creativity! Let’s get those creative juices flowing in this playful and fun yoga class!

What does the word ‘creativity’ mean to you?
How do you demonstrate creativity on the mat? What about off of the mat?
Do you value creativity?

These are just a few of the questions that you can reflect upon as we move today.

In today’s class, we explore creative ways to move on our mats. There is an invitation to be creative in the transitions. In other words, how you move from one posture to the next. This class also includes imagery to bring your yoga practice to life!

I invite you to drop what you think the pose should look like. Instead, focus on feeling and the sensations flowing through your body as you move.

Perhaps this yoga flow gives you the opportunity to express yourself creatively. To break free. Try something new. Discover joy and freedom by playing on your mat.

Are you with me?!

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comments! I love reading your comments and learning about your experiences on the mat.

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