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Yoga for Creating Space

Yoga for Creating Space. We can create space on and off our mats in a number of ways.

One way is to create space through the breath.

I invite you to take a slow breath in through your nose, feel the expansion of your ribcage, and then breathe out through your nose or mouth.

Did you experience spaciousness in your chest on the inhalation?

We can also use the breath to make space throughout the whole body. We can make use of the breath as a tool to help us soften areas in which we find ourselves gripping or holding. For example, the breath can encourage the shoulders to relax away from the ears. The breath can encourage a softening in the jaw as we part the teeth and lips.

The breath can create space in the physical body.

The breath can also create space in the mind. The breath can help calm down the nervous system. This can create the space for letting go of anything that is not serving in the present. This then creates space for that which serves.

I invite you to finish this prompt: “I create space for…”
What do you create space for?
I create space for gratitude.
I create space for stillness.
I create space for making mistakes.
I create space for new opportunities.

Can this space be applied off of the mat as well?

For example, I dedicate my practice to creating space for play.
Perhaps this means that I explore playful ways to move on my mat. I can then apply this off of my mat as well. Perhaps I take some time to play a board game. Or maybe I play with my cat, Angel.

What we learn on the mat can follow us off of the mat. Isn’t that just amazing?!

I invite you to come to this practice with an open mind as we explore creating space.

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