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Yoga For Balance and Grounding - Happy Earth Day!

Yoga for Balance! Join me for this Grounding Yoga Practice to celebrate Earth Day!

This class is all about balance!

Now this does not only have to mean physical balance, but also our internal state of balance.

Balancing practices and postures are great for helping us stay grounded.

One intention for this practice is ahimsa. Ahimsa means nonviolence towards all living things. This includes the Earth, those around us and even ourselves.

I invite you to keep ahimsa in mind as we flow today. Perhaps this means thinking kind and loving thoughts even if balance is a bit tricky today. I invite you to demonstrate compassion towards yourself. Perhaps in doing so, you notice the lovely ripple effect that it has on those around you.

Option to bring a chair or stand close to a wall. Using them to support you as you explore today.

Let’s connect to the earth.

Happy Earth Day dear friends!

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