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Yoga For Balance and Core Strength

Yoga For Balance and Core Strength!

Core strength and balance go hand-in-hand. Engaging in core strengthening exercises will help improve your balance, and when you explore balancing postures, we turn on those core muscles.

Take a moment to consider some balancing yoga poses you are familiar with. What postures come to mind? Maybe tree pose, warrior III, eagle, half moon, or arm balancing postures, like crow or a handstand.

Balancing yoga postures could also be mountain pose and easy pose. We work on finding balance in these two postures as we find an energetic lift in the front body and grounding in the back body. It is a balance between the two that helps us stand or sit tall through the spine.

So yes, this yoga class includes postures that challenge our balance and build core strength. With that said, we explore finding balance in postures that don’t seem like balancing yoga poses on the outside.

Perhaps this class invites you to consider the work ‘balance’ and what it means to you both on and off of the mat.

For items, I invite you to bring two yoga blocks or similar sized items.
A blanket would be nice to have for padding.
You can practice near a wall or make use of furniture to help with balance.

Thank you for taking the time to practice with me!

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