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Wrist Strengthening Exercise | Gorilla Fists

In today’s short practice, we explore a wrist strengthening exercise called Gorilla Fists.

I learned about this exercise during my Yoga Teacher Training. Asia Nelson (Pranalife Yoga) guided us through this exercise and explained its benefits.

For me, this exercise was a game-changer! I was trying to find ways to build strength in my wrists as I was having a difficult time staying weight-bearing postures for long periods of time. This includes Table Top Position, Cat-Cow, Downward Facing Dog, Crow Pose, and others that involve the wrists.
I also used to experience some pain in my wrists!

Since integrating Gorilla Fists into my daily practices, I am noticing that my wrists feel stronger. I also feel more stable in weight-bearing postures.

As we explore today, I encourage you to listen to your body and to focus on your breath. The breath is a great tool that can help us dig deeper!


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