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Seated Yoga Stretch | Beginner Friendly Yoga

Join Yoga with Rachel for this beginner-friendly Seated Yoga Stretch!

You can do this practice on your mat or in bed!

I invite you to bring a blanket or a pillow to sit on. Not only does this offer padding to the booty, but it also invites a gentle lift in the hips. This can create more space in the lower body, inviting a gentle opening through the hips.

I encourage you to return to this class often to see how your practice evolves!

Pro Tip: bring that breath! The breath can help us find more steadiness and ease in the postures. The breath can help soften any tight areas in the body. So, if the hips feel “tight,” imagine sending breath down to your hips to encourage a gentle release.

This class is great for beginners, for those with stiff or sore muscles, and for those who just want to stay low to the ground.

It is my hope that this seated yoga stretch serves you well.

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