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Root Chakra Yoga - Grounding Yoga Flow

ROOT CHAKRA Yoga. Join me for a GROUNDING Yoga Flow!

The root chakra resides at the base of the spine and holds up the rest of the chakra systems.

The movements and postures in today’s practice will build strength and stability in our base, which includes our pelvis, the hips, legs and feet.

This grounding yoga flow is intended to help us feel grounded, rooted and connected.

The root chakra relates to our basic needs. This includes a sense of safety and belonging.

Unknowns or uncertainty can leave us feeling unsettled, uprooted or unbalanced.

This root chakra flow is intended to help us feel grounded and at ease.

The element is Earth and the color is red.

So with that in mind, feel free to wear some red today!

May the tools of this grounding yoga flow support you; helping you find a sense of balance, safety and security. Essentially, helping us find our roots.

See you on the mat!

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