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Let It Go Yoga Flow - 25 Minute Yoga Flow

Welcome to your 25 Minute Let it Go Yoga Flow!

Have you ever said to yourself, “let it go” when dealing with a challenging situation? Or perhaps someone has said that to you?

Is it really that simple?

I have been in a number of situations where I physically, mentally and emotionally felt that it was impossible to let it go.

I needed the appropriate tools, resources and support to help me truly let go.

That is the intention behind this yoga practice.

In this class, you explore tools and postures that can help you let go of anything that is not serving you in the present moment.

We begin our practice with identifying what you would like to let go of and/or what brought you to your mat today.

And if you are unsure, it’s all good!

Meet yourself where you are today.

We make use of mantras, breathwork and supportive postures to help us “drop our rocks” and let go.

It is my hope that your heart feels lighter following this class.

Sending so much love your way.

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