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Couch Potato Yoga | 10 Minute Gentle Stretches for Beginners

For our yoga class today, you don’t even need to leave your couch! Oh yes, that’s right! We are going to do some yoga on a couch!

I feel like I transform into a couch potato at night as I have soooo many great shows that I love to watch. I find that my body isn’t a fan of sitting still for too long. So, I find ways to move and get the juices flowing as I watch my favorite TV shows!

In today’s practice, we explore some gentle stretches that can be done on a couch. Our spines will receive lots of love. Spinal hygiene is so vital to our overall mind and body health.

This practice is accessible to ALL LEVELS, including beginners to yoga. You can even do this practice in a CHAIR or BED!

I definitely believe that a little movement goes a long way!

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comments section down below!

Stay connected, keep an open mind and have some fun!

See ya on the couch!!

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