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Chair Yoga For Beginners

Join Yoga with Rachel on the chair for a gentle CHAIR YOGA flow!

This yoga class is suitable for all levels; from beginner yogis to seasoned practitioners. All are welcome to join!

This 20 minute chair yoga sequence is great for those looking for a gentle and supportive yoga practice.

This chair yoga flow offers a gentle full body stretch - from your head to your toes.

We also bring awareness to the breath at the beginning of the class. We allow the breath to guide our actions as we move into various stretches.

For today’s class please bring a chair. I encourage you to bring a chair with four legs (no wheels), one with a back (for support), and one with no arms (if you can)!

Optional items are blankets and/or pillows. You can stack a blanket or two (or use pillows instead) on the ground for your feet to rest on. This is also a great way to lift the earth up to meet you.

It is my hope that you enjoy this flow.

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