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My Mission

“I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

“I feel lost.”

“I do not recognize myself.”

“What happened to me?”

“How did I get here?”


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Perhaps one (or more) of the phrases above speaks to you and your own experiences. I resonate with all of the above, as these are things that I have said numerous times in the past. I felt as if I had lost my identity. 


The tools of yoga encouraged and helped me REDISCOVER myself. I learned that Rachel (me, myself and I) was there all along. I didn’t go anywhere! My fears, lack of confidence, negative self-talk, worries about the future, past hurts, old stories and unresolved conflict, were undeniably pushing me further away from the surface. All I wanted was to share my light, energy and passions with the world, yet I found myself unable to swim to the top. Yoga helped me get there. But my work is far from over. This is an ongoing process. Much like tending to a garden!     


Yoga With Rachel Meditation.jpg

My Mission is to offer tools, support and encouragement to help you REDISCOVER YOURSELF!

We will accomplish this by making time for self-care, playing on our mats, reflecting upon thought-provoking questions, engaging in self-inquiry, practicing compassion and gratitude towards self, learning to be okay with making mistakes (or even failing), and so much more!


Rediscovering ourselves can empower us to “drop our rocks.” In other words, LET GO of what is no longer useful and learn to “fill our buckets.” Let’s find JOY and FREEDOM together!  



The journey of rediscovery is an intricate process and everyone’s experiences will be unique. Know that you are not alone in this journey. I am here to support, guide and offer you tools along with words of encouragement. You are supported and loved. 


See you on the mat! 

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