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My Beliefs & Values

I believe in creating safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces.


Safe spaces can…

  • give individuals permission to be vulnerable

  • allow for appropriate risk-taking to occur, which can lead to rich learning experiences

  • enable people to speak their truths

  • create a relaxing environment that is free of judgement

  • encourage healing to take place


Inclusive spaces can…

  • allow for opportunities to learn from one another  

  • create an environment that is built upon mutual respect

  • promote deep and meaningful connections

  • create a sense of comfort, while encouraging individuals to express their authentic selves  

  • reduce barriers and promote freedom


Let’s build healthy and compassionate communities together!

I believe in adhering to the principles of ahimsa.
Ahimsa means respect for all living things and the avoidance of violence towards others and self.
Ahimsa reminds us about the importance of treating our environment with love and respect.
The following are some of the ways that our yoga practice can help us uphold the principles of ahimsa:
  • utilizing useful dialogue and mantras that promote positive self-talk
  • acknowledging and respecting our body's limitations
  • embracing where we are at in our journey TODAY 
  • using tools to help us work through suffering both on and off the mat
  • demonstrating compassion towards our beautiful selves and others

I believe in creative play both on and off your mat.

Knocking on Heaven's Door.JPG
Creative play can...
  • cultivate joy
  • promote creative problem-solving 
  • enhance critical thinking skills
  • improve relationships with others
  • invite youthfulness and curiosity 
  • boost energy and productivity 
  • and so much more!
Play has the capacity to rewire old stories and habits, and can help establish new neurological pathways.
Creative play can lead to freedom. Freedom from old habits, negative samskara (mental impressions), the endless to-do lists, negative self-talk, the "monkey mind," and so forth.​ 
I believe in developing a growth mindset.
Warrior III x2.jpg
Individuals with a growth mindset understand that learning is an ongoing process, and therefore, actively look to find ways to grow and improve.
Having a growth mindset can help you overcome and respond to life’s challenges in a more productive way.

A growth mindset can help you live a more joyful and satisfying life. Consider the freedom that you could experience if you were okay with life’s uncertainties or even failing.
Let's persevere together! 
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