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Morning Yoga for Gratitude

Welcome to your morning yoga for gratitude flow. Join Yoga with Rachel on the mat for a 30 minute gratitude practice.

A gratitude practice is so powerful. Taking note of what we are grateful for can impact how we feel physically and emotionally. Gratitude can influence our overall well-being.

For instance, gratitude has the capacity to boost our happiness as we consider the things and people that are currently in our life. We focus less on what we want to have or what we are lacking. Instead, we focus more on what we currently have. Counting our blessings.

Adopting a gratitude practice encourages us to remain rooted in the present.

Our yoga practice can invite us to practice gratitude as we activate the heart chakra through heart opening postures.

I invite you to make use of the following affirmation: I am grateful. Use this affirmation as a reminder of our intention and to offer support throughout this practice. Perhaps you identify one thing or person that you are grateful for. Keep this thought, word, object, or person in mind as you flow today.

Let’s open our hearts to gratitude.

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