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How to MEDITATE for Beginners AT HOME! Set Yourself Up For Greatness - Try These TIPS!

How to MEDITATE for Beginners at Home! Set Yourself Up For Greatness!

My first meditation experience was frustrating and uncomfortable. I was unable to sit still for more than a few minutes. Gravity started to take over, causing my shoulders to round forward and my chin to poke out. My mind was racing. SO MANY THOUGHTS! I was recounting my day and thinking about what I still had to accomplish following the meditation practice. I was convinced that meditation WAS NOT for me!

Perhaps you can resonate with this.

I decided to learn more about meditation - its benefits, props and strategies that could set one up for greatness. In doing so, I discovered that meditation IS FOR me! In this video, you will learn more about how to prepare the mind and body for a meditation practices, props to use and my best advice when it comes to meditation!

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