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Yoga for the Neck | Text Neck

Yoga for the Neck | Text Neck

Today’s Yoga for the Neck practice is fantastic for counteracting the effects of “text neck.”

When we look down at our phones, our head enters a “forward head posture.” We may notice that our chin pokes out, our shoulders round forward and we begin to round through our back body.

Our head weighs A LOT! The average head weighs 11 pounds. This can put a significant amount of strain on our neck and back muscles (it is all connected)! As a result, we may end up experiencing neck discomfort and pain when we look down at our phones for long periods of time or if it becomes a habit. We may be completely unaware of this habit, which is why it is great to bring awareness to this pattern and engage stretches that counteract the effects of text neck!

This practice is also great for those who spend a good potion of their day at a computer and for those with a lengthy commute!

It is my hope that this practice serves you well! Feel free to repeat this practice as many times as you would like!

See ya on the mat!

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