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Yoga for Rainy Days!

Yoga for Rainy Days!

Yoga for Rainy Days! This practice is fantastic for those rainy days or even snowy days.
We stay nice and low to the ground today as we move through some cozy and restorative postures.

We come to the mat with different experiences, goals and intentions. Perhaps you take a moment to reflect upon why you selected this practice. How do you feel on rainy (or snowy) days? Consider how you feel physically, mentally and/or emotionally. There is no right or wrong answer. This is just something to consider.

Let’s stretch, breathe, get a little playful and explore new ways to move!

Wear something extra comfy today! PJs are encouraged! You can do this practice in bed. Feel free to bring blankets and pillows along with you to the practice!

Make this practice your own!

See ya on the mat!

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