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Yoga for Digestion and Bloating

Yoga for Digestion and Bloating

If you are practicing with me in real-time, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada!!

This is a time in which we may spend time with friends and family, eating delicious food! By the end of the day or weekend, we may find that the food is not agreeing with our body. Perhaps we feel sleepy, bloated, constipated or uncomfortable.

In today’s Yoga for Digestion and Bloating flow, we move nice and slow, connect to our breath, engage in some twists to massage the internal organs, and we compress and decompress the stomach area.

This flow is here to help you let go of whatever is not serving you in the present moment. Yes, that also includes trapped gas!

I encourage you to wear something EXTRA comfy today!

It is my hope that this practice serves you well!

Take care!

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