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Yoga for Beginners: 25-Minute Yoga Workout!

Yoga for Beginners: 25-Minute Yoga Workout!

Today's practice is a beginner's flow!!!

This practice gives beginners to yoga the opportunity to explore some of the more well-known postures. In addition, I will provide suggestions, options and tools that you can use in order to find more ease as we move through this flow.

I also feel that it is important to mention that this practice is not only geared towards beginners to yoga. I believe that we can all benefit from investigating the basics (myself included). In doing so, we may make new discoveries or even rediscoveries about yoga and ourselves. Perhaps this practice will invite you to slow down and really focus in on the transitions and the sensations flowing throughout your body.

Optional Items:
You can bring along socks, as well as a blanket or a pillow for support.

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