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Yoga for Back Pain: Build Strength and Flexibility

Yoga for Back Pain: Build Strength and Flexibility

Today's practice involves exploring postures that will help protect and strengthen our backs.

This practice will also work to improve the flexibility in our spines in a gentle and supportive way.

Whether you are here for preventative care or because you are currently experiencing back pain or discomfort, know that I got your back!

Optional Items:
👉 Yoga block or a thick book for added support and stability
👉 Blanket or a pillow to pad the knees

It is my hope that your back feels nice and happy following this practice!

Favorite this video, give it a thumbs up if you found it useful, and please share this video with someone that would benefit from this practice.

I encourage you to select the movement that brought you relief, and incorporate these movements into your daily routine.

Here’s to a healthy back!!!

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