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How to Use Yoga Blocks for Beginners

How to Use Yoga Blocks for Beginners

Are you curious about yoga blocks? Are you wondering how you can use yoga blocks in your yoga practices? Perhaps you are questioning why we use them and their benefits? Well I am here to answer some of your burning questions.

In today’s “workshop” practice, I guide you through how to use yoga blocks for 8 postures!

We stay nice and low to the ground today!

Stay tuned for a Part 2 where we will explore how to use yoga blocks for standing postures. You won’t want to miss it!!!

Bring your yoga block(s) with ya to the practice today.

If a yoga block is not available, feel free to use thick books. Blankets will be useful for some of the postures.

I encourage you to watch the video even if you do not have a yoga block. This workshop can be used for learning purposes.

Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged!

Let’s EXPLORE!!!!

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