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Feel Your Best Yoga Flow | 20 Minutes

Feel Your Best Yoga Flow | 20 Minutes

FEEL YOUR BEST YOGA FLOW offers a quick check-in to see how we are feeling both physically and energetically. Meet yourself wherever you are today.

We make use of a mantra to support us in our practice both on and off the mat. Our mantra today is, “I choose to feel __________.” How do you want to feel throughout your practice or throughout your day? There’s no right or wrong answer. Just take a moment to consider this statement. Perhaps you notice a shift begin to take place or perhaps not,

Feel Your Best Yoga Flow offers a full body workout through stretches and energizing movements. We tap into conscious breath and get the juices flowing.

It is my hope that this 20 minute practice leaves you feeling refreshed, light, energized, happy and free!

See you on the mat dear friends!

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