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Shoulder Exercise: Scapular CARs

Today, we explore a shoulder exercise called Scapular CARs (CARs = Controlled Articular Rotations).

By doing this exercise, we are telling our shoulders that this range of motion is important and that we want to keep this range. Therefore, shoulder CARs help maintain the mobility in our shoulders.

Scapular CARs serve as a great warm-up for other poses or movements that involve shoulder work, such as Downward Facing Dog, Extended Child’s Pose, Puppy Posture, Boat Pose (arms reaching towards the sky), and so on. Maintaining the range of motion in our shoulders is very important for daily tasks, including reaching for your favorite snack that just happens to be stored in the top cupboard! 😉

Required Item:
Please bring along a yoga block or a thick book to the practice (one that has a hard cover and is roughly the same size as a yoga block).

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